Simplicity of a cash sale

I was amazed by the simplicity of selling a home for cash.

Living in the Jacksonville, Florida, area, there is no shortage of realtors. Their signs are posted all over the city. While some properties sell very quickly, others linger on the market for months. The listing price slowly lowers. The owner is then forced to care for the property. The lawns need to be kept mowed, taxes must be paid and there are the monthly utilities to take care of. There is always the fear of vandalism of an empty property. I’ve heard of appliances being stolen. I was able to get an offer from a cash buyer the same day that I submitted the online form. It didn’t matter that it was a holiday. I was able to fill out the form from the comfort of home at a convenient time. I completed it in a matter of minutes, and there was no obligation. Once I received the offer, I had the luxury of thinking it over. I deliberately chose a cash home buyer with a great deal of experience. They have purchased nearly a thousand homes all over the Jacksonville area. They buy homes in as-is condition. An outdated roof, an AC system that still operates on Freon, an electrical panel that still utilizes actual fuses and galvanized pipes were no problem. I didn’t need to have the septic tested, pass local building codes or make any repairs. There was no discussion over the age of the windows, cleanliness of the appliances or termite-infested front porch. The offer was straightforward, and there were no negotiations. I could either accept or refuse. This was a huge relief and far less stress. A cash deal eliminated delays, risk and realtor fees. It was also very helpful that I could choose an ideal time for the closing. I had cash in my account and was done with the house in under two weeks.


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