Reasons to settle down in Jacksonville that you may not know

If you’ve never driven through Florida before, you have no idea how big it is.

This is a truly long state – from the northern border of the Panhandle to the tip of Key West it measures about 500 miles.

That’s one heck of a drive! Being so big, the state is filled with a lot of odd ecosystems. The swamps of south Florida are much different from the densely packed forests of NE Florida. For my money, the best part of the entire state is located right here in Jacksonville, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a real estate agent. I became a local Jacksonville apartment customer over 20 years ago, long before I became a real estate agent. My main focus is helping people to sell real estate in NE Florida, and my partners at the firm handle purchases and rentals. It’s pressing to have a speciality in the Jax real estate market, because there is too much for any one lady to handle. Jacksonville has been growing continuously for decades, and shows no signs of slowing down, which means there is a brisk turnover on the real estate market. A humble apartment purchased just a few years ago now sells for double the original price, thanks to the deranged growth of NE Florida house values. I toil with several Jacksonville home investors, who supply the needed capital to keep our firm running smoothly. I would say that currently the sales market is the best I’ve ever seen, and if you want to sell a house in Jacksonville, now is the time to do it.

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