Relocating and need to sell my Indianapolis condo fast

With listing the process could take months

I have lived in Indianapolis, IN my whole life and now my nice friend and I have to transfer up and move, and my partner enlisted in the repair and is being deployed . Since she is through basic training and now has a steady location she will be in for a few years, it is time to sell everything and pack my bags. I won’t be buying a condo in the next location. I don’t trust my partner to stay put. For right now I am toiling on getting everything from Indianapolis, IN to my new location. It was pretty simple selling my automobile and major pieces of furniture. Now I am down to the house. I started toiling with a real estate agent to sell my Indianapolis, IN condo and it was a nightmare. The woman kept trying to make me do repairs on the house. I need to save every penny I can. I didn’t want to upgrade the powder room when I needed to be thinking about buying a couch in our new spot. I also don’t have the time or energy to do any work around a condo I am not keeping. Coordinating workers would have undoubtedly been horrible. The woman also wanted me to stage teh condo for potential shoppers. Well I had already gotten rid of my furniture. So that was too late. In the end I just decided that I was going to sell my Indianapolis, IN condo fast for cash. A cash offer for Indianapolis real estate is the smartest way when you relocate. With listing the process could take months. You have repairs, upgrades, closing costs, real estate agent fees, and that isn’t even everything.

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