Selling a storm damaged home fast

Jacksonville Florida sees its fair share of storms. There is always a hurricane season that people worry about. I recently dealt with some bad damage after the storm. A tree crashed through my roof, wrecked a bedroom and my front porch. I then experienced severe water damage due to the rain. Once I came back to my house, I realized I didn’t want to do the renovations. I never liked the place anyway. I am not a fan living in the city. I didn’t want to coordinate all the work being done. I also knew the water was going to be such a pain to remove. It was all so daunting, expensive and awful to consider. I finally decided that I would just look for someone that boasts that they buy homes fast for cash. A cash home buyer in northeast Florida was my saving grace. The guy looked at my home, gave me a price and then I signed. No clean up, no renovations, and no stress. It was so nice that I didn’t even have to remove the tree in the middle of the house. I just sold my storm damaged home for cash and walked away. I ended up using the money to buy a nice sized home further south. Since the cost of living is lower, I didn’t have to downsize at all. I actually think doing a cash offer and forgoing all the repairs saved me in the end. I also saved a whole bunch of time not listing my property on zillow.


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