Sometimes a quick cash deal is your best option in real estate

Living in Jacksonville, moisture can be a problem.

There are warm and humid conditions for most of the year.

My good friend and I get frequent thunderstorms and are prone to hurricanes. I was continually battling mold in my home. I invested into encapsulating the crawlspace, replaced all of the attic insulation and installed a dehumidifier. Every time I would suppose that I had the issue under control, there would be a hard rain and it would start up again. The battle against the mold was not only costing me a advantage however creating a health hazard for my family. My kids continually complained of congestion and sore throat. They regularly sneezed, coughed and missed days of college. I suffered from frequent headaches. After a hurricane created widespread flooding in Jacksonville, I was ready to sell the house. I didn’t want to deal with the time, expense and stress of the mold any longer. I wanted to transport my children into a healthier and cleaner residing space. However, I wasn’t sure how I’d manage to sell a apartment infested with mold. I was absolutely relieved when some research turned up a currency homebuyer in Jacksonville. They buy properties in the section for currency and in any condition. There would be no house inspection finding all sorts of necessary repairs and renovations. There weren’t any hurdles created from financing requirements. I was able to avoid hiring a realtor, the hassles of listing and opening up the apartment to potential clients. The whole transaction was handled mostly online and completed in under two weeks. It was quick and satisfying.

cash for incomplete construction property