The divorce was finalized after the sale of the house

My husband and I realized that our relationship was over long before we signed the divorce paperwork. We tried to make the relationship work for several years and as soon as the kids were all off to college, we knew that things were over. We didn’t have anything in common and we didn’t really like to spend any time together. The only time that we did see each other is when we were spending time with the kids. As soon as the kids were gone, we found ourselves at a crossroad. When I said that I needed things to change, my husband said that he was not interested in changing. I filed for a divorce the next day. In order to finalize the divorce, my husband and I had to sell our property in Florida. We have a property in Jacksonville, Florida, that we purchased when my husband was in the military. The small two bedroom property is located by the beach. In the past 10 years the value of the property has doubled. The property was easily worth a lot more than it was when we made the purchase. We decided to use a company that would help us sell the house fast. We wanted to sell the house fast so we could finalize the divorce and move on with our lives. We found a cash home buyer that was interested in turning the house into a small business. It didn’t matter to me what they were going to do with the property as long as that check didn’t bounce.

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