This house is a big source of disagreement between my wife and I

My partner plus I got married right out of school, and my good friend and I were way too young.

My good friend and I were also harshly in-debt due to lots of school loans, however because of a job opportunity, my buddy and I moved sixteen hours south, shortly after graduation.

My good friend and I were both born plus raised in the northeastern part of the country; I consistently enjoyed the change of seasons. I like snowmobiles, snowshoe plus skiing. I cherish the changing leaves plus fresh vegetables in the fall. I am not a substantial fan of heat plus humidity. I resituated to Jacksonville so that my partner could step into her dream job, this left me struggling to find work. My good friend and I made a substantial mistake when my buddy and I obtained a house; With limited finances, my buddy and I obtained a fixer-upper in a questionable neighborhood. I never felt safe in the house, and as soon as my buddy and I moved in, all sorts of things started to go wrong. The roof leaked, the cooling system quit plus the water pump failed. The electrical system was so old that my buddy and I could only run one appliance at a time. I was harshly unhappy plus lonely living in Jacksonville. The marriage fell apart within two years. I found out that my partner was taking my share of the mortgage however not making the payments, then she wasn’t keeping up with any of our bills. She was spending that money on a lady he’d met at her job. I wanted to get out of the marriage as swiftly plus painlessly as possible. With the overdue mortgage plus endless concerns with the house, selling it was going to be difficult, but rather than list it, pay a realtor plus deal with the hassle of a traditional sale, I contacted a currency buyer. I found a local, family-owned company with a reputation for reliability. It took a couple of minutes to fill out an online form plus answer a few questions. I had an offer within an hour. My good friend and I closed on the home within ten days.


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