This house is old and ugly

The closing was hassle-free

Homes constructed before the 1978s can be a problem due to asbestos in the floor tiles, insulations, cement, walls and pipes. I was unhappy with the popcorn texture on the ceilings of my home. I wanted to scrape it off and repaint with a smooth finish. Because of the age of my home, I was a bit worried about the occasion of asbestos. Just to detach a sample of the popcorn surface, I needed eye protection and an N95 respirator. I then bought a kit to perform home-testing on the sample. Once I realized that the ceiling contain asbestos, I had much greater problems than an ugly popcorn surface. I’d need to hire professionals trained in safely removing asbestos hazards. Hiring asbestos abatement professionals is fancy. I also didn’t want to live in a apartment that was a danger to my health. Selling a apartment with a known asbestos concern is difficult. The presence of asbestos would really affect the value of the property. I didn’t want to deal with the hassle. I wanted to unload the condo as abruptly and painlessly as possible. I decided to sell for currency. In Jacksonville, there a several reputable currency clients. The submission of an online information form resulted in a currency offer within an hour. After that, the process was completed separate from any delays. I accepted the currency offer and the buyer accepted the apartment in its up-to-date condition. The closing was hassle-free. There was no dealings with a bank or financing or insurance. I walked away with the currency ten days later.



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