When my grandmother passes they should sell the home for cash

When my grandmother passes I know I am going to highly suggest that my mother sells that inherited home fast for cash.

Right now my grandmother lives on a giant plot of land in a nice house.

The issue is that she is a hoarder. There is tons of stuff packed into that house. My mother and uncle will be in charge of going through everything when she dies. There are multiple broken down cars in the garage, tons of newspapers, cookware, books, clothes, you name it. I know that my mother will be too emotional to handle it and my uncle will want to keep everything. I am kind of concerned that when my grandmother passes, they will just shut the door and let that property go downhill. I have already researched and found a Jacksnoville Florida home buyer that does cash for properties. A cash offer is the best thing for my family. Rather than cleaning, staging, and listing with an agent, just sign some papers and walk away. With a Jax real estate cash offer company, you don’t need to go through the house. I feel my mother and uncle should write down what they want in the house. My cousin and I will get it. Then the people who buy homes for cash will take over and clean out the place. They will worry about cleaning and selling. That way the place is sold and taken care of. It would be so sad if the property went further downhill since nobody wants to care for it.


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