Cleaning out my northeast Florida rental property portfolio

I don’t have to pay their fees and deal with closing costs.

For years I have lived in Jacksonville, Florida. I amassed quite a rental property portfolio. My goal was to get a whole bunch of Jacksonville, Florida rental properties and live off the earnings. It ended up being such a healthcare though. It was so much work and upkeep. I was constantly dealing with renters calling me and asking for repairs. Even when I hired a property manager it was a mess. I finally decided enough is enough and I looked for Jacksonville real estate buyers. I want to sell my Florida rental properties fast for cash. I needed to completely clean out my portfolio and start somewhere new. The Jax real estate buyer that I have been dealing with is great. It is all cash deals and laid quickly on the table. I don’t need to do anything. I don’t need to clean the inside of a bunch of gross rentals. I don’t need to fix the leaky sink, busted toilet, or hire a lawn crew. I can just walk away as is. Another bonus is not involving a real estate agent. I don’t have to pay their fees and deal with closing costs. I am also not a fan of Jacksonville real estate agents. Why should they get a cut of my money when they did nothing? With selling my northeast Florida real estate for cash, it is only me and the buyer that benefits. I probably could get more if I was willing to do the hassle of listing. But I have a lot of properties and I really don’t want to spend a bunch of time on them anymore.

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