I don't like being in this house

My partner and I bought our house in Jacksonville shortly after graduating from college.

My good friend and I got married and combined our savings to afford a down payment. My good friend and I raised our children in the apartment and celebrated all of our important events. My partner passed away two years ago. At my age, it’s hard to manage the proper upkeep of the condo on my own. I struggle with the cleaning, yardwork and official repairs. I also am confronted by memories in every room. Living in the apartment causes me endless sadness. I picture my partner cooking in the dining room or studying in her number one chair. I don’t like going to bed at night separate from her beside me. I feel that it’s time for a change. I have been unwilling to sell the apartment because I can’t tolerate the thought of a parade of clients walking through and making comments. I don’t like the idea of listing it and placing photos of my house online. I am looking for a much quicker less painful process. That is why I’ve reached out to a currency homebuyer. I did some studying up on this occasion and the reviews are favorable. Many people have gotten out from under an unwanted properly abruptly and separate from hassle. They have been triumphant with the currency offer. I found a reputable currency buyer who focuses on properties in Jacksonville and reached out via the online form. I earned a currency offer within an hour. There was no pressure to accept the offer. I have been given time to consider it. I am planning to accept the offer. While I will be sad to leave my home, it will also be a relief.


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