Looking to downsize by selling a larger home

The online form was readily available and very straightforward

I chose a cash home buyer when I sold my house. I was downsizing from an extremely large, older home to a small, modern cottage. I was looking for a quick and easy sale. I decided against using a realtor because I knew I’d be required to fix up the house, pay commissions and wait months for a buyer. Numerous showings, inspections and repairs were more than I was willing to deal with. The age and size of my house made every project especially expensive, time-consuming and challenging. There was no possibility of a re-roof, because there were far too many layers on the house. Replacing the air conditioner would have led to reconfiguring the ductwork and potentially encapsulating the crawl space. The plumbing pipes, water heater, septic, wiring and electrical panel were all in questionable condition. The house also lacked insulation and still featured the original plaster and lath walls. There was the worry over finding asbestos, lead-based paint and termite damage. Since I was unfamiliar with cash home buyers, I began by googling companies that are local to Jacksonville, Florida. I hoped to find a company that would buy my home quickly, as-is and at a reasonable price. I was thorough in my research. I chose a family-owned cash home buyer that provides offers with no obligation. I was impressed with their longevity in the house buying industry. The online form was readily available and very straightforward. The questions were clear and easy to answer. Once I filled out the necessary information and submitted the contact form, I received an offer within 24 hours.

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