Reasons why selling for cash is a helpful solution

There are lots of reasons why homeowners require an especially quick sale of their property.

Foreclosures, probate, impending bankruptcy, health issues or the need to move immediately all necessitate a speedy transference of ownership.

Cash home buyers offer an easy solution. They buy houses in any condition. Properties that have suffered structural damage due to fire, water, termites or storms would otherwise require costly repairs. It takes time to find and hire licensed contractors. These contractors are often booked way in advance, delaying the process even further. They will need to secure building permits and buy materials. Every update needs to comply with local building and safety codes. Once the work is completed, a home inspection is essential. Inspections often reveal issues with heating/cooling systems, plumbing, electrical wiring or the roof. Even if an older roof isn’t leaking, it will need to be replaced to qualify for insurance. Banks are quite particular about the condition of the home before agreeing to finance the sale. Homeowners can be asked to make major improvements only to have the deal fall through. For rental properties, tenants can become a problem. A cash sale is hassle-free and a clear exit from an unwanted property. The process avoids meeting with a real estate agent, setting up an open-house, taking pictures and aggravating negotiations. A cash sale is ideal for properties with overdue mortgage payments, tax liens, code violations and title disputes. To get started, homeowners only need to submit an online form. Cash offers are usually provided within 24 hours. There are no realtor fees to pay and no complex paperwork to read through.



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