Selling a termite house for money

I will have to start saving so I can update to the same level I was at

I am a single guy in his twenties that works all the time, and upkeep on my house just isn’t a priority. I also do not notice anything wrong in my condo until it is a major problem. It took years before my concern with termites was brought to my attention. It sadly was when I called a Heating and A/C serviceman to do a repair. He told me that I had termites and showed me the disfigurement in my wood. It was around the frame of my house. I panicked and called a corporation. They then informed me that the disfigurement was expensive. The condo was basically totaled. I asked around about fixing the termite disfigurement and removing the termites. The costs were obscene. I realized that I didn’t want to do it in the first arena either. I wanted to sell my termite disfigurement house and be done with it. What real estate agent would take that on? I then decided on a better option for a Jacksonville house buyer that would provide me money. A fast money offer was the best I could do for my situation. I didn’t get a whole lot for my house. I had to downsize into a much smaller arena, even though I consider it a win. I got out of a horrible situation that could have gotten even worse. I left with money in hand and I have an arena to live in. I will have to start saving so I can update to the same level I was at. It was my own fault though. I should have taken care of my home.


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