Selling condo fast due to my military partner

My partner is in the military and consistently on the go.

I was dumb and immediately purchased a condo when he first settled down. I didn’t realize how hastily the military bumps the men around the world. My pal and I also got barely any notice. I realized that I needed to scramble not only to pack, but to figure out what to do with the house. In between shipping our vehicles, furniture, and clothing, I had to get rid of the house. I didn’t want to rent out an arena that I didn’t live anywhere near. I started talking to a real estate agent about listing it and found that it would take too much time. The agent also wanted me to do some renovations on it. No way was I going to stay behind to coordinate companies going in and out of the house. I ended up looking for a Jackssonville Florida house buyer that would buy my FL house fast for money. A money offer for a loft is the best I could do in my situation. I was genuinely surprised with how everything was. The guy gave me a great rate, explained why he felt it was worth it, and then my buddy and I shook hands and signed papers. I didn’t need to do a thing and it was all over in one day, but little mess, stress, and frustration. I then left with money in hand and the plan to only rent from now on. Until my partner is for sure settling in a section longer than two years, I am not going to look for another house.

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