Selling my Florida property fast after a breakup

I moved down south to Jacksonville, Florida with my boyfriend a few years ago.

  • We did everything stupid.

We moved after not knowing each other very long. We bought a house together and then we broke up immediately after. My ex is planning on staying in Florida, but not in the Jacksonville area. For me, I just want to go back home and forget this mess. The issue we are facing is that we need to sell property in Florida fast. I have googled online to sell my house fast, cash home buyers, and Jacksonville real estate investors. I have found one company that is proving to be invaluable. They stress that they will buy my Jackonsvile, Florida real estate fast for cash. There is no need to list, stage the house, make repairs, and then deal with closing costs. I also cut out the real estate agent and their fee. I am more than ready to use this cash home buyer in Florida. The snag is that my ex-boyfriend wants to list the house. He thinks we can get more money for it. Maybe we could but why prolong this process? I want to not worry about this Florida property anymore. I don’t want to constantly be on the phone with my ex hashing costs. I don’t want to hand over a portion to a real estate agent that does next to nothing. Selling my house fast for cash in Florida seems to be the best option for my current situation. I need to get my ex-boyfriend on board but I am sick of being on the phone with him. This break up has been the worst one in history for me.

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