Selling my house in Jacksonville, FL

I bought a house in Jacksonville in an up-and-coming city.

All of the houses on the street had been recently renovated.

It felt like a good investment. I planned to live in the apartment for a couple of years while making improvements. I then hoped to sell the condo for a profit. While I knew that there was a rather dangerous neighborhood right nearby, I didn’t suppose this would be an issue. However, this unsavory neighborhood bordered the back of my property. I had problems with graffiti sprayed on my house. I had gang members swimming in my pool. At one point, several of my windows were shot out. I felt unsafe in the house. I invested in a state-of-the-art security system, however I still didn’t feel comfortable. Every night, when I arrived home from work, I was in a rush to get inside the apartment and lock the doors. I wasn’t sleeping well and was suffering from stress-related health problems. I finally got to the point where I simply wanted to pack up my things and walk away from the house. I didn’t want to mess around with hiring a realtor and explaining the situation. I was unwilling to trick another buyer into moving into the home. I found a company that buys properties in the Jacksonville section for currency. They don’t ask questions about the neighborhood or even require an inspection. They provide an offer within an hour of receiving the online contact form. There is no obligation. I was able to suppose it over and then accept. The closing happened in less than ten days, and I was done with that house.


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